Casa Malecón, Havana

As part of my bachelor thesis at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, I designed a multifunctional building on the city promenade in Havana, the Malecón. In addition to cultural and commercial facilities, the building also houses apartments for various target groups.

The building itself has a public area on the ground floor. The theme of the arcade in Havana was taken up in the draft and expanded into a public pillar space on which the building rests. Between the pillars there are, among other things, a café, a gallery, a kiosk and a childcare service offering a variety of things for many people.

Above this pedestal are six different height buildings. These are based in shape on the usual cubature and Parzelierung the blocks in the neighborhood. Like the traditional buildings, these are oriented towards the city promenade. With a glass facade to the north, the building opens to the Malecón.

A wall from the local shell limestone surrounds the building and builds a bridge to the closed fire walls of the neighboring buildings at Melcón.