AIAC 2018, Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

The Atelier International d‘Architecture Construite (AIAC) is an international network of faculties of architecture. These faculties organise an annual design studio for architecture students closing with a student competition. This studio consists of three parts, a introductory workshop week, the project development during the semester and a jury session at the end. These take place in different countries at participating universities.

The AIAC 2018 workshop took place at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Germany. 10 universities participated with 100 students and professors. They are from Asia, North and South America and Europe. This year, the introductory session consisted out of formal and social program, lectures, city and museum tours, two workshop days and a final presentation. This year’s design studio topic is a building located in the Nordbahnhof district next to a future urban development area Rosenstein. This area will be available to future development due to construction of the train station project Stuttgart 21 which will move all train infrastructure into the underground. The selected lot is a linking point between existent structures and future development.

I worked as a student assistant in a team of three persons taking care of concept finding, preparation, holding, wrap-up and documentation of the AIAC 2018 workshop session. I was involved in finances, organization of every program part, communication with and supervision of the students. And I took care of social media and the website, gave input to PR material and organized the photographic documentation. I also assisted in the preparation of the assignment and the teaching material associated with it.

Pictures by Matthias Braun