Museum of Architecture, Berlin

In the first Master’s semester at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, I designed a new building in the Digital Design class on the site of the former architectural building designed by Friedrich Schinkel in 1836 in Berlin. The city plans to reconstruct the old building in direct neighborhood to the rebuilt Berlin city palace. As part of the design and seminar “The retrotopic trap”, we dealt critically with this project.

In my design I oriented myself on the symbolism used by Schinkel. He used the brick as a symbol of technological progress and demonstratively presented it to the outside. My building academy was also supposed to display a contemporary building material or rather a process technology. The 3D printing of concrete was an adequate analogy for me.

In my design, I wanted to mediate between new and old. This is how nine round supports form the foundation of my construction. The shape results from the 3D printing process. From nine points, the new building academy will be printed radially. As the construction progresses, the printheads approach ever closer to the floor plan of the old construction academy. At the top, Schinkel’s floor plan is completely readable on the roof terrace.

The visitor to the new architecture museum enters the courtyard through the funnel arcades and from there into the building. The arcades open through a slope to the River and the forecourt, close on the opposite side to the connecting buildings.