House increase – Attractive commons on the roofs of the city, Stuttgart

The unused roofs of our cities hold a great potential, wich is just waiting to be used. Also in Stuttgart, Germany are a variety of flat roofs unused. This is where the design of “House increase” starts. This consists of a roof park for a block with communal house inside the block.

For the collective roof park roof areas are connected by bridges to a network. Each roof has its own and very special program here. For example, urban gardening is possible on one terrace, another offers space for sports activities and another is home to a barbecue area. The list of possible roof areas and programs is almost endless. The typical traditional Stuttgart development with free, closely spaced buildings of equal height with flat roof on mansard floor are just to be connected by bridges with each other.

The starting point for this network of common areas is the community center in the middle of the block. Thanks to its mirrored surface, the building retreats in the block and continues to ensure sufficient exposure of the courtyard. The building is an addition to a former industrial building that now houses the municipal music school. In the community house is a common room with catering, dressing rooms and a pool on the roof. Each house that joins the network with its roof area has access to the common room. In this logic attractive places of the community can arise on unused areas in a prominent position above the rooftops of Stuttgart.