Ceramic facade

The ceramic facade is part of the semester design of the new city library in Mannheim. In many parts of the city masonry facades dominate. Based on this tradition, the surfaces of the library also consist of the fired clinker.

In the facade, areas with full clinker and glazed areas alternate with a suspended structure. In the decoration, this is based on the traditional ornamentation of Gesmims and Pilaster. As on many facades in the city center, wall and ceiling connections and thus parts of the internal organization are visible on the facade.

The semi-transparent areas in the facade consist of vertical rope constructions to which ceramic tiles in the format of the clinker are attached in the usual laying pattern. These tiles are twisted at different angles. All in all, they create an exciting relief in which dark and light parts alternate.

Due to the suspension, the joints are translucent. Through this, a little light gets into the building during the day and creates a play of shadow and light in the interior. At night, the effect turns around and the interior lighting shines through the joints to the outside. The new city library lights up and stages the traditional masonry.